Young people in Africa engage social media--from event flyers to viral video--with unique style and sophistication.


BLM and Digital Media

How has Black Lives Matter used digital media to empower the movement?


Blues and Youth in the Mississippi Delta

My book and documentary film based on five years' ethnography with young people in Clarksdale, Mississippi.


Global Feminism


Our symposium and working group on the role of social networking and the islamic world.

Hip-Hop and Digital Design

How do artists like Chance the Rapper, Jay-Z, and Solange Knowles contribute to the world of digital deign thinking?


Tween Girls' Digital Journals

The possibilities and problems with girls' privacy  online.


Sound Studies

How globally-marginalized cultures use sound, voice, and music to empower their communities

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Diversity and Tech

Research and consulting for a globally-inclusive digital landscape.


Women Who Rock

Women and girls' importance to new movements in popular music creativity and critique.


Digital Documentary

Doing  digital anthropology with youth, woman, and music/media producers in Africa.

Global Digital South

New conversations  between Africa and the US South unfold online.


Research Methods

Doing ethnical and collaborative work with women, youth and minoritized people worldwide.


Curriculum Design

Teaching culture and media via emerging digital instruction technologies


Mermaid Pop!

From digital mermaid culture to global folklore traditions, I have researched and written about  the importance of mermaids worldwide.